The Gold Series: Fly Near To The Sun: Inspired by Ann Boleyn Speech As She Was About To Be Executed: Canvas Acrylic/Olis Mixed Media (including) Filler & Gold Leaf ^ 460 x 610mm

Swim Close To The Sea: Oil On Canvas. Mixed Media (including) Filler & Gold Leaf ^ 40.6×50.8cm

Live A Colorful Life: Oil On Canvas,Mixed Media ^ 460 x 610mm

Sweet Release 1:Clouds Cry: Mixed Media ^ 30.4 x420 .6cm

Sweet Release 2: Clouds Cry: Mixed Media/ 30.4 x420 .6cm

“The Field Of Cloth Of Gold” – Mixed Media,Acrylic/Gold Leaf On Wooden Board Inspired by the film That Included A -18-Day meeting Between Henry VIII and … From The Rival Courts Of Tudor England And Valois France,To Improve Relations Between The Two Great Rival Kingdoms.

Dora Wears Gold: Mixed Media,Acrylic/Gold On Wooden Board ^

Victorian City 1: Mixed Media On Canvas ^ 30 x 40 x 60mm

Victorian City 2: Mixed Media On Canvas^ 30 x 40 x 60mm

I Am A Sundial Turned The Wrong Way: Acrylic ^ 61 x 76 mm

I Am A Sundial Turned The Wrong Way 2: Acrylic ^ 30. 4 x 40 mm

Japanese Garden: Acrylic ^Mixed Media/Canvas^

Pumpkin Carrot And Gold: Oils On Board ^