Yasmin Grant
Studio 60
Delta House Studios

I am a multidisciplinary, self-taught artist who began using avant-garde materials to create, being mostly influenced by my love of texture and what I see around me.This transitioned into my art career, developing into sculptures and three-dimensional canvas pieces. As a multifaceted artist, my scope of work remains wide, from creating original pieces that evoke rich colours to the ultimate goal of producing a visually polished piece, whether it is a 3D sculpture or a large canvas piece.

In my art practice, I explore the realm of abstract, textured art, where I embark on a captivating journey of expression and experimentation.Through my work, I strive to transcend the limitations of conventional representation, embracing the power of texture and abstraction to communicate emotions and ideas in a profound and visceral way.

Every stroke of my brush or application of mixed media is a deliberate act that meticulously builds layers of texture, inviting viewers to explore the tactile qualities of my art. I employ various techniques, such as impasto, collage, and sgraffito, to create a rich tapestry of visual elements that engage the senses and evoke a range of responses. I like to boldly define the constraints of conventional representation, embracing the power of texture to communicate profound emotions and ideas.

In this dynamic interplay of form, colour, and texture, I aim to convey the intangible aspects of human experience and the complexities of the human psyche. My art becomes a language of its own, speaking volumes without the need for explicit representation. It invites viewers to delve into their own interpretations, find personal connections, and discover new perspectives.

Through my abstract, textured art, I seek to evoke an emotional resonance, awaken curiosity, and foster a deeper connection between the artwork and the observer. It is in this exploration of texture and abstraction that I find boundless freedom and a profound means of self-expression, evoking your deepest responses by transcending explicit representation. My art will invite you to find your own interpretations, establish personal connections, and discover unique perspectives. As you explore my world of texture and abstraction, you’ll experience boundless freedom and a profound means of self-expression.

“Let the art speak for itself”