Latest Work

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Trilogy : The yellow one is the largest 813 x1016mm and the other two can be viewed below, blue and black – 457 x 610mm ^ Acrylic on canvas.

This is a triptych piece called: 100 days: Oil paintings, Mixed Media (including) filler. The first being the largest 813 x 1016mm directly below & the red and light blue on stretched canvas 457 x610mm

The Bouquet of Humanity Acrylic,Canvas- 460 x 610m

Kite Flying in the Sky: Acrylic, Canvas-510 x 405

Supernova Explosion: Acrylic,Canvas-1016 x 813mm

London Underground: Acrylic – Canvas 460 x 610mm

Cat:Acrylic,Canvas- 255 x 200mm

Breaking Waves: Acrylic, Board420 x 298mm

Light at the end of the tunnel ^Acrylic On Board: 440 x 320mm

Mountain View ^ Telescopic: Acrylic, Canvas460 x 610mm

Behind The Sea: Acrylic, Mixed Media (Filler) Canvas-420 x 300mm

Layers: Acrylic,Canvas-420 x 298mm

A Ripple Of Color: Acrylic, Mixed Media (Including) Filler -Canvas-420 x 298mm

DNA 1.Acrylic,Canvas- 295 x 210mm

Seashells: Acrylic,Canvas-300 x 240mm

Flamenco: Acrylic,Canvas-420 x 298mm

White Noise: Acrylic,Canvas595 x 420mm

A Victorian Evening: Mr Parr: Acrylic, Canvas-595 x 420mm

Solid Hue? Inspired by a poem: Fragmentary Blue, Robert Frost: Acrylic420 x298mm

Nero: Acrylic, Canvas- 405x 305mm

Sugar Sweet: Acrylic – 40.6cm x 80 x50 x8cm

Le Lis ^ Da da Inspired by Billy Cobham: Acrylic, Canvas- 295 x 210mm

Coral Reef: Acrylic, Canvas-295 x210mm

The Dentist’s Chair: Acrylic,Canvas-255 x 200mm

Basket Of Flowers: Acrylic,Canvas 295 x 210mm

The Bouquet: Acrylic – 594 x 420mm

DNA .2: Acrylic,Canvas- 255 x 200mm

Gardino ^ Inspired by Italy: Oils On Canvas- 510 x 405mm

Celebrating Life: Acrylic, Canvas- 559 X 457mm

Farfalla (butterfly) comes to greet me: Inspired by the colorful butterflies of Italy. Acrylic,Canvas-610 x 762mm

Pastel Palette: Pastels On Canvas, Mixed Media (including) Filler – 460x 610mm

Stratosphere: Acrylic, Canvas- 406 x 50mm

The fourth Element: Oils, Miixed Media (including) Filler-Canvas- 610 x782mm

Valley Verde: Acrylic On Board – 320 x 228mm

The Hills Have eyes ^ Acrylic – Large Frame On Board: 690 x 1230mm

The Tunnel: Acrylic On Canvas-420 x 298mm

A School Of Fish :Acrylic/Mixed Media (including) Filler -460 x 610mm

Old Shades: Acrylic On Board- 320 x228mm

Golden Valley: Acrylic, On Board -320 x 228mm

Pink Noise 1. Acrylic ,Canvas – 40. 6 x 50. 8cm (the other 4 can be viewed below)

Pink Noise 2. Acrylic ,Canvas- 40. 6 x 50. 8cm

Pink Noise 3. Acrylic ,Canvas- 40. 6 x 50. 8cm

Pink Noise 4: 40. ^ 6 x 50.8cm

Pink Noise 5: Acrylic on Canvas – 40.6×50.8cm

Ghost Ship: Pastels- 40.6 x50.8cm

Dora: acrylic & Oil On Canvas410 x 610mm

Jellybean: Acrylic – 460 x 610mm

A tryptch: Contemporary tartan, Oils on wooden board

Cornish Ice-Cream: Acrylic,Mixed Media (including) Filler – 420 x297mm

The Birds Nest: Acrylic/Raffia On Canvas -460 x 610mm

Blue Ice: Acrylic- canvas/ 460 x 610mm

The Victorian City:1- Oils/acrylic on canvas: 297 x 420mm

The Victorian City: 02- Oils/ Mixed media, gold leaf, black ink on canvas: 297 x 420mm

The dragons tail: Oils on canvas/ 460 x 610mm

Tiger,tiger: Oils/mixed media,gold leaf – 297 x 420mm

The Trees of Hampstead Heath: Oils/Acrylic ^ 30.4 x 40.6cm

Equine Britain: Acrylic ^ 460 x 610mm

Whispers Of Summer: Oils on board

Fluid A. Acrylic ^ 61 x 76 mm

Fluid B. Acrylic ^ 61 x 76 mm

Weaving of the tartan: Acrylic ^

Soppora Snow Festival : Acrylic, ^ 40 x 50. 8cm

The Highlands Glencoe A: Acrylic, mixed media ^ 61 x 76mm

The Highlands Glencoe B: Acrylic ^ 460 x 610mm

The Highlands Glencoe C: Acrylic, mixed media ^ 460 x 610mm

Enchanted Snow Day: Acrylic,mixed media ^ 46 x 61 mm

Purple Prose: Acrylic ^ 46 x 61 cm

Autumn dresses herself in a wrinkled gown: Acrylic ^ 46 x 61 cm